Usage and Format Specification

Technical/scientific documentation is composed as a structured list of content elements with a markup conveying meaning specific to the discipline and to the apprehension of the information. Here is the documentation available how to leverage POSHDOCs for the creation of this task.

POSHDOC Instantiations

A POSHDOCument can be created in one of three different forms:

Semantic Documents

ToDo: The topics marked as TODO in the following list has to be created yet.

  • Create list of element categories with links to respective subsections
  • Images: navigational, decorative, content
  • Figures, Tables, Diagrams, Formulae
  • API's, source code (highlighting)
  • Comments; Todo; Callouts; Notice, Info, Warning.
Conveying content structure.
Providing content and mark up its meaning.
ToDo Linking
Creating webs of knowledge.
ToDo Assets
Adding non-textual content.
POSHDOC metadata capabilities.
ToDo Annotations
Handling the lifecycle of POSHDOCs.
ToDo Polyglotism
POSHDOCs which speak several languages.

ToDo: Translations, links to content in different languages … what else?

ToDo Idioms
Expressing documentation practices common to some disciplines in POSHDOC.
Navigation and Representation

ToDo: Talk about collection navigation and POSHDOC presentation, as well as poshification.

Writers, Readers and Processors

ToDo: plain text editors, and others