How to contribute to The POSHDOC Initiative

Right now

Help out with Poshy
Please help kick-start an awesome editor, which will help us produce a looooot of POSHDOCs in short time.
Google Drive POSHDOC app
By any means contact me if you know how to make a viewer/editor for Google Drive. This will be a major step towards wide adoption - and by the way I will learn how to do such a thing by myself.
Sponsor the text/html+poshdoc Mime Type
Are you intimate with IANA? Please help me register a mime type and filename extension for POSHDOC.

In general

Spread the word:
Talk about POSHDOC with friends, colleagues and your boss.
Give Feedback:
Tell me what you think and how POSHDOC and The POSHDOC Initiative can improve
Use it
Start making use of POSHDOC, send somebody a POSHDOC, see how it works out for you and for the recipient.
Ask for features or contribute them:
If you mark something up in a cool semantic way, tell me and I will incorporate it. Or ask for it and I will figure out how it fits into POSHDOC and put it online.
Develop POSHDOC itself:
If you happen to be an expert in semantic web, microformats and scientific/technical writing and understand precisely what I am talking about, please join and start writing those use cases and standard idioms we need to create a complete technical writing environment in HTML.
Create your tool for POSHDOC
Be it a HTML editor, a poshifier or a converter: just create your tool and share it here.
Contribute with the reference software:
We have defined some software projects for enabling POSHDOC for everybody. Maybe you have the skills and motivations to implement some of them.
Pay a programmer
If you have some spare money pay a programmer to help us with the reference software projects.
If you have some spare money but don't know how to hire a programmer I will gladly do that for your.
Make POSHDOC a standard
If you happen to be (part of) a standards organization, e.g. OASIS please help make POSHDOC an open standard.